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New Generation of MORN® Mobile Loading Dock Ramp Relieves Users of Loading and Offloading Work

28th August, 2017 is a big day for us as our engineers announced that MORN new generation mobile loading dock ramp has been developed and tested successfully after a whole year’s concentrated effort from all members. Now this newly designed ramp has been put into production in our factory to bring greater convenience early for our users.

Treasuring the belief that serving users with best user-friendly design and quality container loading ramps, we are always walking on the way of innovation and sustainable development. To help you familiarize and learn our new style ramp, we list 4 main features and improvements in below.

1.Stronger and Simpler Body Structure

a.The mobile loading dock ramp body structure is made from high-strength I-beams by integrated welding technology, which is more durable and deformation-free than rectangular steel tubes used in traditional ramps.
b.Only 2 pieces I-beams are welded end to end in one side of the container ramp body, no more redundant parts and joints to influence goods handling, simple but strong. Also it means less maintenance for users to increase work efficiency and reduce cost.

2.Galvanized Grid Steel Plate on the Ramp

a.The platform of the ramp is made from galvanized grid steel plate that can effectively increase the friction between forklift tires and the ramp platform, preventing the forklift from sliding down and ensuring safe work.
b.Such grid structure platform can disperse the weight loaded on the whole yard ramp to a large extent. Thus its service life can be prolonged with fewer after-sales problems.

3.Improved Solid Tires

a.Cooperating with reliable solid tires brand, we can guarantee that the solid tires installed at our mobile loading dock ramp can serve longer with flexible turning ability.

b.The strong tires have much less risk of being punctured and need zero maintenance.

4.Manually Hydraulic Power Suitable for Working Everywhere

a.The whole ramp is powered by manually hydraulic system without requirement for electricity or any other power, applicable for outdoor use. And only one worker can operate the equipment easily.

b.Almost no maintenance has to be done on the manually hydraulic power unit, then what users do is to to enjoy the convenience and service brought by the yard ramp.

Therefore goods handling won’t be a complicated work or even a trouble for users with the help of our well designed mobile loading dock ramp.

News Source: http://www.sinolifter.com/blog/mobile-loading-dock-ramp-relieves-users-of-loading-and-offloading-work/